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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Today at the office we had a fire drill. Somewhere around the 6th or 7th robotic “PLEASE PROCEED TO THE NEAREST EXIT” announcement, I completely lost it.


No one could tell I was losing it. I obediently followed the crowd down the stairs, but with every step my stress was mounting. I quietly walked to our designated spot of the parking lot where the owners of our building were passing out ice cream as a reward for our cooperation.


I refused to take one. Want I really wanted to do was smush those fudge pops right into their fire drill calling faces. But I didn’t.


I just stood there in the parking lot as valuable minutes wasted away and with all the sass I could muster, I was screamed defiantly inside my head, “Ain’t. Nobody. Got time for this!”


You see, this has been one of those weeks for me. A mile-long to-do list, commitments every evening, big deadlines, company in town, and a million others things. I’m overwhelmed and stressed and anxious. I keep wracking my brain, trying to calculate how I can possibly fit it all in.


I keep thinking, “How in the world can I maximize time, multiply hours?”


That question was rolling around in my head as I marched myself over to the building next door so I could continue working. I wasn’t about to lose 20 minutes of my day to catch up with my work friends over fudge pops in 70 degree weather. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Amiright?


(I’m not right. Obviously. This is what I mean… I had totally lost it.)


Sitting down in the lobby of the building next door, I flipped open my laptop and exhaled a desperate prayer. God where do I find more hours in this day? Help me, I think I’m losing it.


And then I remembered Jesus’s wise words, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” Luke 12:25 Right… those were the words I have been thinking about for weeks as I prepared to preach on the topic of anxiety to my sisters in Oklahoma just a week ago. And I had already forgotten them!


Fiddling with the pages of my Bible the next morning, I let the pages fall where they wanted and stared at the text. There, nestled in Proverbs my eyes found these amazing words, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…For through wisdom your days will be many and years will be added to your life.” (Proverbs 9:10-11)


Hold up… Through worry, we cannot add even a single hour, but seek God and He give us YEARS! 


I’m not under the illusion that God dishes out magic time-bending devices like Hermione’s time-turner in Harry Potter. But, I do believe when our eyes are focused on Christ—instead of our worries— we are generally healthier. Our sin and stress shortens our days, while a right view of God brings us perspective and peace (Phil. 4:7). When we have the promise of eternity in mind, (in case y’all didn’t know, that’s LOTS of years) the hours of this week don’t seem to matter as much.


Lately it feels like my whole life is an endless fire drill – I find myself running from one thing to the next, constantly in a hurry and always stressing. But when I step back from my list of to-dos, and shift my gaze to the character and promises of Christ, suddenly the things I was worried about don’t seem to be a big deal after all.


With a Scripture informed perspective I’m able to evaluate myself and my worries clearly—the way I’ve been stressing and refusing fudge pops with friends in the parking lot and obsessing over my to-do list.  And do you know what I realize when I’m viewing things correctly? When is comes to stress and trying to maximize time so I can complete my to-do list… Ain’t nobody got time for that!


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